The 19th School of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation


The 19th School of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation



Date: 26th October – 8th November 2019

Venue: IIPDS, Bangkok

Application Deadline: 13th October 2019

Type of program: Fee-based workshop


The International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS) is calling for applications from peace activists, community development workers, scholars, journalists and youth, women and religious leaders for its next School of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation Course. The two-week course will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 26th October – 8th November 2019. It will include workshops, lectures and exposure visits to local communities and peace initiatives.

Since its debut in 2005, the annual peace studies programs have empowered a network of community leaders, activists and scholars from across the world. The School of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation focuses on understanding peace and conflict in local, regional and international contexts, conflict analysis, its positive transformation and violence prevention. Participants will gain skills relevant to peacebuilding and creative justpeace advocacy and actions from grassroots, national and international levels.

Women and community workers in conflict areas are particularly encouraged to apply.





How to Apply

  1. Application download:
  2. Please submit your application to before 13th October 2019

Course Fees:

350 USD: Professionals

Special Discount for Groups and Students




More Information:



Address: 1562/113 Phibun Village Soi 1/1, Pracharat, Khwang Bang Sue, Khet Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800 THAILAND


Tel: +66 2931 0196



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